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Privacy Policy

Your privacy

This policy emphasizes how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and know that lots of your personal details are shared with us. We take all necessary measures to protect your personal information and never disclose it before the third person. Any personal information received is used to fill your order. No other misuse of your information is committed except for required details at the time of purchase or using our services. 

At Painmeds365, we prove our authenticity by safeguarding the privacy of our customers. This Privacy Policy explains how personal data is used that you provide to us, or that we collect from our site during the time you visit. We periodically update this Policy to ensure your information remains protected. So, it is recommended to frequently review this Policy to know the amendment that is done.

Use of Cookies

Cookies help to share the information about the computer used by a visitor. We may use cookies if need arises to gather information about your computer to help us improve our website. We can come to know about your general internet use with the help of cookies. These cookies get stored on your computer’s hard drive after the download when you visit the site. Such information has nothing to do with your personal details and does not easily identify you. It is statistical data that does not track, store, or identify personal details. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can go to the setting and adjust it if you wish to. Activate the reject cookies by going to the setting option on your computer.

Use of your information

We use your personal information in order to assist us to manage our user relationship with you. We also manage your account and provide you complete access to make the most of the platform, collecting and using your information appropriately. The processing of your personal details is performed keeping legal basis in mind that includes amicably fulfillment of legal obligations between parties while delivering the platform to you. We use your personal data to augment the sale of content using the platform with the fulfillment of contractual obligation between both parties to facilitate the purchase for you.

We may also use your information to improve the platform, to manage our business, to constantly update you about the change in our terms and policies, to bring in new features and updates, and develop personalization, and improve our offerings. We might also perform changes in the development and implementation of machine learning. All your information will be used by contractual obligations to improve the services and platform.

When you sign up our platform, you are given freely consent to receive marketing alerts either by push notifications or email. You can decide to withdraw your consent any time you want by going to profile setting or simply clicking “unsubscribe” button. It can be done in any marketing e-mail or you can contact us directly at the number below.

If you wish to stop receiving personalized marketing messages and perform an action by going to your profile settings, still the marketing message will be reflected on the platform but it will be of no use and won’t show any relevance to you.

In addition, the content available on our platform may contain marketing materials, product information, advertisement materials, they will appear with the content as a part of the content. This marketing area does not belong to our jurisdiction and is not controlled by us, as a result, the consent of your withdrawal with regards to receiving marketing e-mail won’t affect our marketing.


We take care of your security and privacy and keep your personal data and password protected. Make sure that no third person takes undue advantage, using your account and personal data in an unauthorized way. Protect your password and ensure no unauthorized access is perpetrated. Sign off your account appropriately when finishing access to your account.

When you sign in to any their- party application, your password is controlled and managed by such third-parties. Unauthorized use and sometimes software failure may lead to the failure in protecting your personal data. However, we try our best to keep your user accounts safe and secure.