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Antispam Policy

Painmed365 strictly adheres to its anti-spam policy, which prohibits the dissemination of unsolicited advertising messages. We value our customers’ trust and take immediate action upon receiving complaints regarding spam emails or promotional communications following an order. Appropriate measures are implemented to address the issue, including the closure of offending accounts and termination of services.

To report any instances of receiving promotional messages or offers through email, instant messenger, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, or any other channels, please provide the following details in a concise and professional manner. We are committed to combatting spamming activities, and as part of our efforts, Painmed365 maintains and safeguards data related to spam offenders. Such information is shared with anti-spam organizations and agencies for necessary actions to be taken against offenders.

Report Spam / Unsubscribe

At Painmed365, we maintain a strong commitment to our customers by upholding a strict anti-spam policy. We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and ensuring that you do not receive unsolicited advertising emails or messages. If you encounter any such communications that you believe have originated from a Painmed365 user or have been received after using our services, we kindly request you inform us immediately.

To facilitate a thorough investigation and appropriate action against the responsible party, we kindly ask you to provide us with your email address in the field provided below. This will enable us to start the necessary procedures promptly and address the issue effectively.

Rest assured that upon receiving your complaint, we will take immediate steps to investigate the matter thoroughly. Our team will work diligently to identify the source of the unsolicited communications and take appropriate measures to ensure that they are held accountable for their actions. We are committed to protecting your interests and maintaining the integrity of our services.