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Delivery Information

General Information

All the orders are subject to the availability of the medicines. If any medicine is not in stock at the time you place your order, we will notify you and discuss another option.

All the medicines will be delivered in discreet packaging, which means no information about the medicines will be displayed on the packaging. We follow these measures to secure the privacy and confidentiality of our customers.

Because ordering medicines should not be a complicated task, but a cakewalk. We have allowed an easy ordering of the medicines. All you need to do is:

i) Browse through our large range of medicines

ii) Add products to your cart

iii) Make the payment

And guess what! You are done with your order and it will be on your way soon.

How long it will take to deliver your medicines?

The time we take to deliver your medicines depends on your location in the USA. In general, we take 5-7 working days to make it. You can always check the status of your order on your account and we may also send you notifications to keep you informed.

Are there any additional delivery charges?

To find out the shipping cost of your medicines, add the medicines into the cart and check the transaction page. This can vary according to your location and current terms & conditions.

What should I do if the medicine is not arrived at anticipate days?

Due to different factors, delay in the order may happen and that is beyond our control. Delay in your order possible if:

  • We are having a large volume of orders
  • Deliveries are late from the supplier’s end
  • There is a bank holiday
  • There are some issues with your postal service

Find out more

If you have any questions related to the delivery and shipment of your order, please contact us.